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RAPIFIRE significantly reduces the costs and complexity of developing new IoT and M2M applications.
Our cloud platform and open APIs accelerates the development cycle.

Install The Client

RAPIFIRE provides you with an easy-to-use command line client. The client let's you prototype and test your service within minutes without actually integrating with your hardware solution.

sudo npm install -g rapifire-cli

rapifire-cli register <email> <password>
# wait for the email, you will get the activation code

rapifire-cli activate <activationCode>

# if you have login/password already use
rapifire-cli login <email> <password>

Command line client installed.

Account created, you are ready to go!

Check the source-code at GitHub or find out more about the underlying RAPIFIRE API:

Create Your Things

RAPIFIRE is built around a simple, yet powerful data model which represents things, owners and products. You can manage all these assets using a web interface, command line client or through the API.

rapifire-cli products create "Temp-Monitor v0.0.1"
rapifire-cli users create "bobs" "password" "Bob Smith"
rapifire-cli things create "Temp-Monitor No. 00001" "Temp-Monitor v0.0.1"
rapifire-cli things assign "Temp-Monitor No. 00001" "bobs"

Your first product created.

First user of your products, things and services created.

New thing created and assigned to the user.

Learn more about the data model and how data is being processed:

Connect Things to The Cloud

With ready-to-use RAPIFIRE SDKs and connectivity based on widely-supported protocols (HTTP, MQTT, Websockets) connecting your thing to the cloud becomes a clean and quick process.

rapifire-cli console
# in another console window
rapifire-cli publish as "Temp-Monitor No. 00001" \
'{"e": [{"n": "temperature", "v": 23.11}]}'

First temperature reading published to the cloud.

Data Stored in RAPIFIRE’s secure Cloud Storage.

Event ready to be processed by your custom Cloud Code.

Working with Arduino? Check rapifire-arduino-mqtt library. Connecting Raspberry PI? Check blog post about MQTT and Python.

Send Commands Back To The Thing

Sending data back to your thing is as important as receiving the data. RAPIFIRE is based on publish-subscribe architecture and designed for custom control commands.

rapifire-cli subscribe as "Temp-Monitor No. 00001"
# in another console window
rapifire-cli publish to "Temp-Monitor No. 00001" "REBOOT"

Bi-directional communication in place.

Control command sent to the thing.

Read more about the supported protocols and security model.

Build Your Service

Designing, building and delivering your service to the your end users is as important as hardware design. RAPIFIRE Cloud Code simplifies data processing and hides complexity of external services integrations.

cat > code.js
function process(ctx, thing, events) {
  var temp = ctx.utils.get(events, "temperature");
  if (temp !=== undefined && temp < 10) {
    console.log("It is getting cold sir!");
    ctx.notifications.makeCall('+48123123123', "Oh dear! It is cold!");
// <CTRL+D>
rapifire-cli cloud-code update process "Temp-Monitor v0.0.1" < code.js

Product-specific Cloud Code created.

Things data processed.

Thing owner notified about the problem!

Find out more about data processing pipeline, schedulers and integrated services.

Scale and grow! Build your business with RAPIFIRE Platform.

Focus on the service design and let us help you build your scalable and secure
communication and data processing network.

RAPIFIRE is a platform and offers much more beyond the command line tools and APIs.
With RAPIFIRE you can create and deliver your things while keeping an eye on the quality of your service.

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